10 Best Toy Guns 2023 – Premium-Quality Toys for Your Kids

When you are a child, one of the most interesting toys is definitely a gun. You can spend hours engaging in intense and imaginative battles, and it is a go-to toy for all young boys and girls out there. Naturally, the market is packed with such popular toys, so we did research and came up with the best toy guns you can find nowadays.

We tested a wide variety of toy guns and came up with a list of some of the best-reviewed items that offer exceptional price/value ratios. Our research is based mostly on the quality of materials used in the manufacturing process, customer satisfaction, and price. There will be something for anyone since we looked to find products that can suit different budget limitations as well. There is a lot to cover, so let us begin without a further redo.

List of Best Toy Guns

1. YEEBAY Shooting Game Toy

YEEBAY Shooting Game Toy

Yeebay is a shooting game toy that your child will absolutely love. It is an entertaining product that also helps in improving your kid’s hand-eye coordination and is suitable for kids as young as six years of age and older. It is made with foam bullets that are soft enough not to injure and have the firmness that allows them to shoot a good distance.

Since your children will likely play with this toy a lot, there is a chance that they will lose quite a lot of ammunition, so we strongly advise you to purchase 1.2-inch refills. The gun itself is very simple to use regardless of the age, and the great thing is that you get two guns so your kid can compete with another player and have even more fun.

The target is very well designed and has a net that catches the balls. Overall, this toy is a great way to keep your kids active and engaged since it is perfectly safe and helps them develop reflexes and coordination. Moreover, it comes with a fairly reasonable price tag and offers great value and entertainment for little ones.

2. Holiky DIY Electric Automatic Toy Gun

Holiky DIY Electric Automatic Toy Gun

This automatic toy gun is a product coming from the Holiky store, and it is available in blue and red colors. It is a product that comes with three different electric modes – single shot, three bursts, and multiple bursts. This is a very cool foam dart gun, and it will grant your kids hours of fun playtime.

The gun is made of high-quality plastic and has an impressive range, allowing you to shoot at targets at least 20 – 30 feet when taking bullet drop compensation, wind speed, direction, and gravity into consideration. It is best to play with these in the house since losing bullets can be a hassle.

The gun also comes with a rechargeable battery that you can charge using a USB cable. This toy makes a bit of noise when prepped to shoot, which is a useful feature since you will always get notified when the gun is ready to fire. The one downside is the size of the clip, which could have been bigger, but it is a minor drawback for, otherwise, a great toy gun.

3. Toshi Station 1911 Toy Gun with Soft Bullets and Ejecting Magazine

Toshi Station 1911 Toy Gun with Soft Bullets and Ejecting Magazine

Toshi Station 1911 toy gun is a product with soft bullets and ejecting magazine that is suitable for kids from three years of age and older. The slide racks, the trigger pulls, and the magazine release button function excellent, and the gun itself is dimensionally accurate.

The magazine is very easy to load if you follow the instructions and push the ammunition in from the back, and it can hold five bullets total. These bullets have a silicone rubber tip and hard plastic base. The ejector port is also very well designed, and you can take it apart with a small Philips screwdriver.

The mechanism of this product is a simple spring and plunger, and when the gun fires, it launches the whole cartridge, not just the bullet. It is also important to mention that the slide needs to be racked fully, or else it will not fire. This is a rather cheap toy but provides excellent value and will keep your kid entertained for countless hours.

4. Toy Gun with Jump Ejecting Mag, Soft Bullets & Pull Back Action

Toy Gun with Jump Ejecting Mag, Soft Bullets & Pull Back Action

Coming from the Meixing store, this toy gun checks all the important boxes you can think of and provides lots of fun for your kid and yourself. It is also a realistic-looking replica, and from afar, it does look like a real thing. However, it is a perfectly safe toy and can be loaded with soft bullets that will not cause any injuries.

In addition, this is an educational toy that helps young kids stay active, exercise, practice their aiming skills, and improve their observation, reflexes, and endurance while having lots of fun. The toy gun loads up with sot foam bullets that are made of top-notch EVA material so that your children can shoot safely without injuring one another.

It is a toy gun suitable for five-year-old kids and older, and it is designed with fun in mind, not accuracy. Moreover, the gun comes with 32 bullet shells, 40 bullets, two magazines, goggles, and a silencer. It offers perfectly safe fun for your kids and all of that for a more than a reasonable price.

5. Liberty Imports M-16 Camouflage Military Toy Machine Gun

Liberty Imports M-16 Camouflage Military Toy Machine Gun

This product is a battery-operated electronic toy machine gun with a scope, and it is designed with children’s entertainment and ease of use in mind. This shiny toy provides various gun sounds and flashing lights that make it that much more fun and engaging for young kids.

Every press of the trigger creates a light show that expands on the fun, while sound effects are also pretty cool and add even more value. The gun also vibrates whenever you press the trigger, which also drastically improves imaginative play and immerses kids into the game even more.

With its military camouflage finish, this toy is also a great product for adults as well, since it can be used in various costume and cosplay combinations. You will also require three AA batteries since they are not included in the package with the product. Overall, it is a great toy gun, and it is available for a fair price.

6. Feilongzaitian Toy Gun, Foam Blaster

Feilongzaitian Toy Gun, Foam Blaster

This toy gun is a product from the Feilongzaitian store, and it comes packaged with 40 bullets, 16 bullet cases, and a wide variety of functional features and lights. The bullets are harmless to children since they are all made of foam and do not leave any marks or injuries on the skin.

Playing with this toy gun will be a blast for your kid since it looks very realistic and is equipped with cool tactical features such as a scope, silencer, and protective goggles. It stimulates imaginative play for kids, and it helps them to get more active and practice their reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and observation.

It is a beautifully designed toy that is suitable for kids that are at least six years of age. Overall it is a great product, and it looks just as it is advertised. The price is also more than reasonable, and when you consider all the cool features and accessories you get, it is a really good bargain.

7. INRATELL Toy Gun with Shell Ejection

INRATELL Toy Gun with Shell Ejection

Inratell toy gun with shell ejection is a well-constructed product that simulates the disassembly function of the real Combat Master 2011 model, and it is a great toy for both adults and kids. The design is very cool and looks very realistic, making it also a great addition for costume parties and cosplays.

The package contains one toy pistol, one magazine, twenty soft bullets, and sixteen cell cases. It is rather a powerful toy gun since it can fire the projectile up to 50 feet in distance. The projectiles themselves are harmless and made of soft EVA material, which is specially designed for children.

The gun is equipped with a nylon grip and nylon magazine, while most of the other accessories are alloys. Its 1.5 pounds in weight ensure that your kid will have much more immersive fun while playing and develop various skills while improving on coordination and observation.

8. Classic Children Toy Camo Rifle

Classic Children Toy Camo Rifle

This educational toy gun is a great gift for children that love to accompany adults in hunting, and it gives them more immersion and a sense of purpose on these trips. It is a cool toy that will put your kids in a great mood and help them stay active and train for the real hunt one day.

This is a beautifully designed toy with a great camo design, great for role-playing and imaginative play experience. It is an easy-to-use pump action rifle that delivers a loud pop each time your kid uses it. This gun is an excellent way to educate your child about the dangers and responsibilities of holding a weapon and teaching them how to use it properly.

The construction of this toy rifle is solid, the mechanism is dependable, and it is a great way to teach your kid about muzzle control without exposing him to any danger whatsoever. It is a timeless and classic toy gun, made of wood and a durable plastic barrel, making it a great bargain and a gift that your child will absolutely adore.

9. Liberty Imports 6 Pack Mini Foam Dart-Firing Blasters

Liberty Imports 6 Pack Mini Foam Dart-Firing Blasters

If you have more than one child that enjoys quality imaginative play with toy guns, then these guns might be a perfect pick for you. It is a bundle pack of six micro-sized blaster guns and thirty-six foam darts that are rather soft and cannot cause unpredictable injuries.

These guns are fairly easy to use, and even toddlers can handle and play with them. The guns are colorful and visually appealing, and although they come with thirty-six darts, they can hold one dart at a time. By learning to load the chambers by themselves, your kids can develop some extra hand-eye coordination and have lots of fun while doing it.

The projectile range stands at 20 feet which is quite impressive for such small guns. It is worth mentioning that although made of foam, darts have plastic tips, and even though they do not shoot with too much force, it is wise to teach your kids to avoid aiming at other people’s faces to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

10. Best Choice Products Kids Motorized Foam Dart Blaster

Best Choice Products Kids Motorized Foam Dart Blaster

Coming from the Best Choice Products store, this motorized toy gun is designed to shoot foam darts and provide tons of fun for your little ones. You get a 20-round drum that automatically prepares the next foam dart after each one you fire by squeezing the trigger.

The toy is powered by five AA batteries that activate the electric fan launching system and automatically move the ammo into the firing chamber. It is also equipped with a detachable scope which you can use to get a better aim at your target. The toy is made of non-toxic ABS plastic that is very colorful and appealing to young kids.

It is recommended to buy this toy only for kids that are six years of age and older, as it is a bit bigger gun that might not be the best pick for younger ones. Overall, the toy is rather sturdy and designed to provide your child with fun gameplay. The one downside is that it is rather loud, but it also vibrates when shot which can increase a child’s immersion in pretend play sessions.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Toy Guns

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Picking the right toy gun for your child can be quite a challenging endeavor if you do not know what you are looking for and what your child likes. We understand this issue and want to help you resolve it, so we have put together a brief list of guidelines to get the best available value for your money’s worth.

Dart Range

Dart range of the toy gun is a rather important aspect to consider in this purchase. If you live in a small space, it is wiser to purchase the product that shoots up to a lesser range, as it will save both you and your child some hassle. It will also provide some control over your kid’s play session, and you will not have to worry about broken items in your household.

Loading Difficulty

Since smaller children also want to partake in the pretend games with guns with their older siblings, you need to consider buying some toy guns that are more appropriate for a younger age. Look for toy guns that are easier to load with soft balls or darts, as this will make the game much more accessible for little ones.

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When it comes to your children, safety is something that is the most important thing. This is why you should buy toy guns that are less likely to injure someone during playtime. Look for the guns that fire foam bullets and darts, as they are softer and have less chance of causing unnecessary safety issues.

Also, if you are buying a toy gun for younger kids, you might also think about buying a gun with lesser power and shooting range. The most important thing is that before you opt to buy this type of product, you take some time to educate your kid about the dangers of toy guns and the responsibility they should have in mind whenever they use them.

Number of Guns

If you have multiple children, it is smart to consider buying guns in bulk. There are plenty of toy guns that come in packs with several guns. This way, none of your kids will feel excluded from playing, and everyone will get to have fun with these toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What should I look for when buying toy guns?

The first thing you should think about is the safety of the gun itself. Look for guns that can be loaded with ammunition that is made of soft materials as it reduces the chance of anyone hurting themselves. The rest is generally up to your child’s taste, favorite colors, and everything else design-related.

2. What can children learn when playing with toy guns?

The first thing they can learn is responsibility and precautions about using toy guns. If your children dream about becoming hunters one day, it is important that they learn how to treat a firearm. Playing with toy guns also improves children’s hand-eye coordination and helps them boost their reflexes and observations.

3. Can my three-year-old play with toy guns?

best toy guns for kids

Generally, yes, but only if the gun does not fire any rounds. Toy guns that can be loaded with rubber or foam darts are typically recommended for kids that are at least six years of age. It is wisest to check the manufacturer’s description as it always states the appropriate age for using their product.

4. What can I do to prevent my kids from hurting themselves when playing with toy guns?

The first and most important thing is that you need to take some time and educate your kids about the dangers and issues that can occur when playing with these toys. Secondly, you should opt for a toy that does not have too much power and that fires soft rounds that cannot injure your child.

Final Words

This concludes our buying guide for some of the finest toy guns you can find in today’s market. These are very entertaining toys and can serve as educational tools as well, especially if you take some time and play with your kids while also teaching them the responsibilities they have when using these toy guns.

We hope you liked our list and that you will find your favorite product among them. If you are still in doubt and cannot decide which toy gun to go for, we highly recommend you revisit our top three picks, as they offer the highest quality in materials and best performance in gameplay.